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How the Newton Fund works

The partnership between UK and Kenya is known as the Newton-Utafiti Fund. ‘Utafiti’ is a Swahili word that means ‘research’. The Fund in Kenya is administered in partnership with the Kenyan Ministry of Education.

The Newton Fund is being delivered by 7 UK delivery partners in collaboration with funders in 17 active partnering countries. They develop and run calls, allocate and manage the money they receive as part of the Newton Fund. All opportunities for organisations, institutions and individuals interested in applying are listed on our funding page.


Priorities for Kenya

The Newton-Utafiti Fund has identified a number of priority areas:

  • Food security
  • Sustainable and renewable energy
  • Health 
  • Environment and climate change 
  • Economic transition skills and jobs through manufacturing for SMEs 
  • Governance, Conflict Resolution and Security
  • Cross cutting issues - including capacity building, big data, innovation and entrepreneurship.


About local funding partners

Currently, the main Kenyan funding partners are:

  • National Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (NACOSTI)
  • National Research Fund (NRF)
  • Kenya National Innovation Agency (KENIA)


Further support and guidance

For further information on the Newton-Utafiti Fund opportunities see the funding page.


About the Kenya Newton Team

The Newton-Utafiti Fund Team in Kenya sits with the UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN), which aims at promoting scientific and technological collaborations between Kenya and the United Kingdom.

The Newton-Utafiti plays a key role in the governance of the Fund in Kenya by facilitating interactions between UK and Kenyan Delivery Partners and supporting the priority areas identified.  

Key Contact:

Serah Nderitu

Science and Innovation Network, Kenya


Phone: +254 (0) 20 2844 085

If you are interested in developing a funding relationship with the local Newton-Utafiti Fund team please email:


About the South Africa Newton Team

For further information on the UK-SA Newton Fund opportunities see the funding page. If you are interested in developing a funding relationship with the local Newton team please email