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02 November 2016
UK-Colombia agree new £20 million Newton Fund bioeconomy research programme

A new Newton Fund £20 million bioeconomy research programme, responsible for developing new drugs, medicines, biofertilisers and pollution tackling products, has been announced by the UK and Colombia today.

02 November 2016
Newton Fund supporting Met Office immersion into Amazon science

A Met Office Climate Scientist, Chantelle Burton, describes her scientfic immersion into the amazing world of the Amazon, to understand the methods for assessing the impacts of climate change on the great and diverse forest.

25 October 2016
Newton Fund helping to fund research into 'How even our brains get 'slacker' as we age'

This research shows that losing the youthful firmness and elasticity in our skin is one of the first outward signs of ageing. Now it seems it’s not just our skin that starts to sag - but our brains too.

25 October 2016
Newton Fund backing Chile youth entrepreneurship and innovation training

Thanks to the “Young Innovators Programme”, a joint effort from Foundation for Agrarian and Innovate UK, through the Newton Fund, the first workshops were delivered, in order to choose the best twenty initiatives. 

24 October 2016
Newton Fund supports second Square Kilometre Array (SKA) Big Data Careers day in South Africa

The UK-South Africa Newton Fund was proud to support the Big Data Careers Day in South Africa in September. 


06 October 2016
Newton Fund supports continuing research into Zika virus and helping to unlock its secrets

The Newton Fund and the Zika virus were linked before the global public health emergency declaration in February this year, as UK and Brazil researchers have been working together since 2015. The Fund continues to fund research in this area, including fully understanding the virus and its increasing number of disease symptoms. In this news article, researchers have shed more light on how the Zika virus works, by sequencing the full-length genome of the virus from a patient.  

23 September 2016
Minister celebrates successful commitment of £200 million in UK-China Newton Fund collaboration

The UK’s research and innovation partnership with China was given a boost today with the confirmation that since 2014 the Newton Fund in China (known as the UK-China Research and Innovation Partnership Fund) has committed £200 million across 37 joint programmes and supported over 220 partnerships.  

22 September 2016
Newton Fund grant set to help combat childhood obesity in Mexico

University of Westminster researchers awarded Newton Fund grant through Medical Research Council (MRC) to help combat childhood obesity in Mexico.

22 September 2016
Newton Fund helps young video makers compete to help Brazil solve resources problems

Children and young people can play their part in helping to secure future supplies of food, water and energy in Brazil with the launch of an exciting new global video competition.

19 September 2016
The Newton Fund promotes UK-Thai astronomical collaboration research

The Newton UK-TH Research and Innovation Partnership Fund launched the first £1.3 million or THB 60 million for promoting UK-TH joint astronomical research. At least 4 projects on capacity building in software and hardware infrastructures and data handling will be funded after scoping workshop in Bangkok.