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Latin American biodiversity call a first for the Newton Fund - multilateral regional call involving six countries



Latin America is a champion of biodiversity; home to world’s largest rainforests and a range of other biomes with vast of varieties of plant species. Understanding the role of the biodiversity ecosystem and its impact is key to the sustainable management of biological resources in the region.

Across Latin American countries there is a common challenge in promoting social and economic development while preserving natural resources. Critical issues such as land-use changes and deforestation will influence the biodiversity process on a large scale.

To support a transnational, collaborative approach, research funding opportunities for the Researcher Links Regional Biodiversity Workshops and Researcher Links Biodiversity Travel Grants have been launched across six countries – Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentina.

Led by the Newton Fund teams across the region, in partnership with local funding agencies, this funding aims to enhance scientific collaboration by promoting an international exchange of researchers between UK universities and universities from partner countries in the region.

The priority areas are:

  • understanding habitats and species
  • biodiversity for sustainable livelihoods and bio-economy
  • global climate change, biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Maintaining and restoring natural capital.

The first phase of the research collaboration involves regional biodiversity workshops in the Latin American countries to support early-career researchers to make international connections and discuss areas of expertise. The second phase will emphasise longer-term research, strengthening the ties between the Latin American and UK academic communities.

While Argentina is not a Newton Fund partner country, it shares a rich biodiversity with the other countries involved and so has been included in this regional funding opportunity.

For further information and to apply, visit Researcher Links Regional Biodiversity Workshops and Researcher Links Biodiversity Travel Grants.


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