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Newton Fund involved in Latin American technology transferred to Vietnam shrimp farms

12 May 2016

From The Fish Site website



MEXICO - The development of a number of techniques to improve shrimp larvae in their resistance and size, is something that for several years the specialists of the Center for Biological Research of the Northwest (CIBNOR) have been focused on.

The big winners were the domestic producers, although since a couple of years ago significant business opportunities have been achieved with fish farmers in Vietnam, where 80 per cent of shrimp farms in the world are located.

Technology transfer to the asian country consists in the provision of post-larvae of the species Litopenaeus vannamei or white shrimp, from production laboratories, which selection process is aimed at generating lineages resistant to certain diseases making them more cost-effective.

As a successful business model based on technology, the project in which CIBNOR is involved was selected by the Newton Fund and the Academy of British Engineering to participate in the Leaders in Innovation Fellowships 2015 program, which chooses technology and entrepreneurship transfer cases worldwide.

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