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Success stories

Uncovering the hidden spread of Zika in Brazil

In February 2016 Zika was declared a public health emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in response to evidence that the infection can cause birth defects such as severe microcephaly in the foetuses of infected pregnant women. An international research collaboration travelled across northeast Brazil in a minbus equipped with cutting-edge mobile DNA sequencing capabilities and tested samples from more than 1,300 patients infected with the virus...continue reading

Improving diagnosis of rare genetic diseases in children

As much as 8% of the Thai population is affected by rare genetic diseases. Patients with rare diseases typically endure around seven years of investigation. Timely diagnosis can mean improved healthcare and better life outcomes, as well as savings in the health system. Using the recognised expertise of the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, this Newton Fund project supported Chulalongkorn Paediatrics to develop their own genomics platform and supporting analytics and infrastructure...continue reading

Antibiotic colistin now banned as feed additive for animals in China

Results of a UK-China research collaboration have been pivotal to informing a ban by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture on use of antibiotic colistin as an animal feed additive in China. Colistin is an important ‘last resort’ antibiotic, used to treat serious bacterial infections in humans resistant to other antibiotics. The work of a UK-China research team supported the ban, introduced in November 2016...continue reading

Making water safe for all

The supply of clean drinking water in rural India continues to be an enormous challenge, with many people acquiring waterborne diseases and a plethora of other sicknesses due to consuming contaminated water.
Indian researcher Chandrasekaran J. (Chandra) is now a successful entrepreneur helping to provide safe, clean water to people living in India thanks to support from the Newton-Bhabha Fund...continue reading