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     Newton Prize

The Newton Prize recognises excellent research and innovation in support of economic development and social welfare in Newton Fund partner countries.  

This annual £1 million fund celebrates the most impactful partnerships between the UK and Newton countries, and encourages new international collaborations to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

Each year, from 2017 until 2021, a minimum of five Newton funded projects, fellowships or other awards will be awarded the Newton Prize. Each Prize will be worth up to £200,000, and must be used to advance or develop existing Newton funded work.

2018 Newton Prize

The 2018 Newton Prize call for applications in Latin America has now closed. Next year's Newton Prize countries will be China, Indonesia and the Philippines

The prize is only open to existing or past recipients of Newton funding, with projects in these countries.

The Newton Prize will be awarded for the best research or innovation that promotes the economic development and social welfare of Newton partner countries, DAC List Countries or addresses global challenges; aligning with the Newton Fund’s overall objectives.

Read about the 2018 Newton Prize winners from Brazil, Chile*, Colombia and Mexico, announced in December 2018. 

*Special conditions applied to Chile, see Frequently Asked Questions