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Newton Prize

The Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation, Jo Johnson, unveiled the new annual Newton Prize as part of his research and innovation speech at the Wellcome Trust on 30 June 2016. 

The Prize recognises excellent research and innovation in support of economic development and social welfare in Newton Fund partner countries. Awarded annually from 2017, applications will be open to existing or previous Newton Fund research partnerships, programmes, projects or teams. Each year, five successful Prize winners will each be awarded £200,000 to advance the work of their existing Newton Fund research partnerships. 

The Prize will be awarded annually to a select group of countries, with applicants asked to address a specific global challenge. All of our Newton Fund countries will have the opportunity to apply for the Newton Prize by 2021.

The 2017 Newton Prize 

The 2017 cycle will focus on the challenge of public health and wellbeing and will accept applicants from Newton Fund programmes, projects and/or research teams in India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Examples of research fields that will be able to apply include antimicrobial resistance, prevention and treatment of diseases, access to affordable healthcare, women and children’s health, and nutrition – including water quality and crop productivity. Public health and wellbeing is a key global development challenge – not just in developing countries but also in the UK and other developed nations. 

India, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam have been Newton Fund partner countries since 2014, and share many of the same public health and wellbeing challenges. Applicants from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam will each receive one Newton Prize. Indian applicants will receive two awards due to the breadth of Newton Fund research programmes in the country.

The application portal and all associated application forms, guidance notes and eligibility criteria will be available in Spring 2017.