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2017 Winners 


Creating more efficient solar energy

The supply of clean, sustainable, and affordable energy is a key issue in India and across the world. This Newton-Bhabha APEX-II programme is a flagship project in solar energy between India and the UK.


Better monitoring of maternal health will help save lives

Obstetric haemorrhage, pre-eclampsia and sepsis account for more than 50% of maternal deaths worldwide. This Newton-Bhabha funded project is testing the introduction of a new vital sign device into routine maternity care at community and hospital level in 10 sites in India, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Malawi and Haiti. Read the latest blog about this project  



Sustainable energy from effluent waste processing

Palm oil production is a major contributor to the Malaysian economy but this industry is also a large source of highly polluting waste effluents. This Newton-Ungku Omar Fund project aims to tackle the issue of generating electricity and biofuel from effluent waste. Read the latest blog about this project  


Improving diagnosis of rare genetic diseases in children

As much as 8% of the Thai population is affected by rare genetic diseases. Using the recognised expertise of the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, this Newton Fund project supported the development of a genomics platform, ending the diagnostic odyssey for patients. Read the latest blog about this project  



Communicating in a disaster

From 2005 to 2014, Vietnam was hit by 649 natural disasters destroying almost half a million homes and causing 10,000 casualties annually. This Newton Fund project tackled the problems of maintaining communications under hostile conditions. Read the latest blog about this project  

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