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Newton Prize 2017 shortlist

Below are details of all of the shortlisted applicants for the 2017 Newton Prize. 

Case studies compiled on each of the shortlisted applications (and winners for each country) can be accessed in the Newton Prize 2017 booklet here.

The winners of the Prize were announced at the in-country events held in November 2017. Further information is available from our news story


  Project title    Lead PIs and Institutions   Partners
  Professor Atif Rahman, Institute of Psychology,                  University of Liverpool
  Professor Prabha Chandra, National Institute of Mental      Health and Neurosciences, Bangalore.
  Medical Research Council
  Department for Biotechnology, India
Advancing the Efficiency and the Production          Potential of Excitonic Solar Cells (APEX)­II
  Professor Hari Upadhyaya, University of Brunel
  Professor Viresh Dutta, Indian Institute of Technology        (IIT), Delhi.
  Engineering and Physical Sciences Research          Council
  Department for Science and Technology, India
  Highly commended
Impact of Maternally Derived Antibodies and          Infant Microbiota on the Immunogenicity of              Rotavirus Vaccines in African, Indian and                European Infants
  Professor Miren Iturriza-Gómara, Institute of Infection        and Global Health, University of Liverpool
  Professor Gagandeep Kang, Wellcome Trust Research      Laboratory Christian Medical College, Vellore
  Medical Research Council
  Department of Biotechnology, India
Evaluation of the Introduction of a Novel Device      in the Management of Hypertension and Shock      in Pregnancy in Low Resource Settings
  Professor Andrew Shennan, KCL Women's Health            Academic Centre at St Thomas' Hospital, London
  Professor Shivaprasad Goudar, Women's and                    Children's Research Unit, Jawaharlal Nehru Medical          College, Belgaum
  Medical Research Council
  Department of Biotechnology, India
  Dr Ajith Kumar Parlikad, Institute for Manufacturing,            University of Cambridge
  Dr Bhupesh Kumar Lad, Indian Institute of Technology      (IIT), Indore.
  Royal Academy of Engineering
  Investigations on Photocatalytic and                        Electrochemical Properties of Graphene Based      Hybrids
  Parameshwari Ramalingam, Barathidasan University
  Professor Craig E. Banks, Electrochemical and                  Nanotechnology Research Group, Manchester                  Metropolitan University
  British Council
  Department of Science and Technology, India
  To Engineer Elite Rice Genotypes which can          Sustain Under Low Phosphate Condition in Soils    Without Compromising Yield
  Professor Malcolm Bennett, Future Food Beacon,              University of Nottingham
  Dr Jitender Giri, National Institute for Plant Genome          Research, New Delhi
  British Council
  Department of Biotechnology, India
  UK-India Centre for Advanced Technology              Minimising Anti-Microbial Resistance
  Professor Stephen Rimmer, University of Bradford
  Dr Prashant Garg, LV Prasad Institute and Vamsi              Venuganti, Birla Institute of Technology, Hyderabad
  Medical Research Council
  Department of Biotechnology, India
  SMArt CitIES Network for Sustainable Urban          Futures (SMARTIES Net)
  Professor Michele Clarke, University of Nottingham
  Dr Ajith Kaliyath, National Institute of Urban Affairs, New    Delhi
  Economic and Social Research Council
  National Institute of Urban Affairs
  Two Centuries of Indian Print
  Dr Nur Sobers-Khan, British Library
  Professor Abhijit Gupta, Jadavapur University and Dr        Padmini Ray Murray, Sristhti Institute of Art, Design and    Technology
  Arts and Humanities Research Council
  Jadavapur University
  Sristhti Institute of Art, Design and Technology



  Project title   Lead PIs and Institutions   Partners
  Ubiquitous Optical Sensors for Environmental        Monitoring: Impacting Climate Change
  Professor Azizur Rahman, City University of London
  Professor Harith Ahmad, Photonics Research Centre,        Malaysia
  British Council
  Malaysian Industry Government Group for High      Technology
Integrating Algal Biophotovoltaics for                      Bioelectricity Production with Agro­industrial            Wastewater Remediation Using Tropical Algae
  Dr Adrian Fisher, Department of Chemical Engineering      and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge
  Professor Siew Mooi Phang, Institute of Ocean and          Earth Sciences, University of Malaya
  British Council
  Malaysian Industry Government Group for High      Technology
  Systems Thinking and Place ­Based Methods for    Healthier Malaysian Cities (SCHEMA)
  Professor Terry Marsden, Sustainable Places Research    Institute, Cardiff University
  Dr Jose Siri, United Nations University International          Institute for Global Health; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  British Council
  Malaysian Industry Government Group for High      Technology
  Development of Accurate Circuit Reliability              Simulator for Malaysia's Electronics Industry
  Dr Zhigang Ji, Liverpool John Moores University
  Dr Sharifah Fatmadiana Bt Wan Muhammad Hatta,            University of Malaya
  Royal Academy of Engineering
  Academy of Sciences Malaysia
  Assessing the Risk of Emerging Microbes During    Vaccine Implementation and Climate Change          Through Population Based Carriage Studies of      the Upper Respiratory Tract in All Age Groups

  Dr Stuart Clarke, University of Southampton

  Professor Dr Norazmi Mohd Nor, Universiti Sains     Malaysia

  British Council



  Project title   Lead PIs and Institutions   Partners
International Network for Shrimp Health (INSH) 
  Professor Grant Stentiford, Centre for Environment,          Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (CEFAS)
  Dr Kallaya Sritunyalucksana, National Center for              Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (BIOTEC)
  British Council
  Thailand Research Fund
  Bacterial Pathogenesis: Dissecting the Early            Stages of Cellular Invasion by the Obligate              Intracellular Bacterium Orientia Tsutsugamushi
  Dr Jeanne Salje and Professor Nicholas Day, Centre        for Tropical Medicine and Global Health, University  of      Oxford
  Dr Somponnat Sampattavanich, Department of                Pharmacology, Mahidol University 
  Medical Research Council
  Thailand Research Fund
  Thai Science and Technology Development              Agency
Molecular Pathology of Rare Genetic Diseases in    Children
  Professor Philip Beales, UCL Great Ormond Street          Institute of Child Health
  Professor Vorasuk Shoterelersuk, Centre of Excellence    for Medical Genetics at Chulalongkorn University
  British Council
  Office of the Higher Education Commission
  Genomic Epidemiology in Infectious Diseases ­        Pathogen Genomics Capacity Building Workshop
  Professor Taane Clark, London School of Hygiene &        Tropical Medicine
  Dr Prapat Suriyaphol, Mahidol University
  British Council
  Thailand Research Fund
  Climate Ready Rice: Optimising Transpiration to      Protect Rice Yields Under Abiotic Stresses
  Professor Julie Gray, Department of Molecular Biology    and Biotechnology, University of Sheffield
  Dr Apichart Vanavichit, Rice Gene Discovery Unit,            Kasetsart University, Thailand
  Professor W. Paul Quick, International Rice Research      Institute, Philippines
  Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research    Council
  National Science and Technology Development      Agency, Thailand



  Project title   Lead PIs and Institutions   Partners
  Highly commended
UK-­Vietnam Institutional Link in Digital Innovation      for Sustainable Maritime Logistics in Vietnam
  Dr Trung Thanh Nguyen, Liverpool John Moores              University
  Associate Professor Nguyen Ha Nam and Associate        Professor Nguyen Viet Ha, University of Engineering      and Technology, Vietnam National University
  British Council
  University of Engineering and Technology,                Vietnam National University
  Dr Oliver Hensengerth, Northumbria University
  Associate Professor Dr Nguyen Thi Lan Huong,            Thuyloi University
  Royal Academy of Engineering
  Dr Liyang Yue, Bangor University
  Dr Nguyen Trung Hieu, Vietnam Academy of Science      and Technology
  Royal Academy of Engineering

  Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology
Building a Foundation for Sustainable                     Development: Networked Societies for the Cities      of Tomorrow
  Dr Trung Q. Duong, School of Electronics at Queen's      University Belfast
  Dr Vo Nguyen-­Son, Duy Tan University
  British Council
  Duy Tan University
  Highly commended
Developing Rice Resources for Resilience to            Climate Change and Mitigation of Carbon                  Emissions
  Professor Simon McQueen­Mason, University of York
  Professor Nguyen Van Tuat, Vietnam Academy of            Agricultural Sciences,  Professor Nguyen Tri Hoan and    Dr Duong Xuan Tu, Field Crops Research Institute
  Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research    Council
  Ministry of Science and Technology