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Innovation in maritime logistics

Maritime logistics is an essential driver of Vietnamese economic growth with 90% of imports and exports delivered by sea. The maritime sector is facing a critical challenge in addressing issues of high costs and low performance caused by the lack of ICT integration in logistics services.

The Newton Fund has supported the establishment of a unique network in the logistics industries of Vietnam and the UK. This network aims to promote economic development, reduce environmental impact, and enhance logistics research and education. The collaboration of industry, academia and policy makers has led to significant technical advances including new optimisation techniques and algorithms capable of solving large scale logistical scenarios.

Within one year the network has led to nine collaborations and partnerships from 18 different organisations who are working together for the first time. Five of these partnerships are with Vietnamese companies transforming innovative research ideas into technical products that can address challenges in areas such as fleet sizing, berth and vessel stowage planning, port simulation, and container stacking and filling.

The network has been making a major input into the Vietnamese Government’s national strategy plans and will make an important contribution to reducing maritime emissions and pollution across the world.

The partners for this project include Liverpool John Moores University, University of Engineering and Technology Hanoi, Vietnam Maritime University, Viconship, Mersey Maritime, AECOM and Nippon Express. 


"Thanks to the Newton Fund, a number of academia and industry partners from both countries have been able to work together for the first time. Given the importance of maritime logistics to both countries, this partnership will help us prepare for future challenges as well as embrace opportunities in these uncertain times."

Dr. Trung Thanh Nguyen


  UK-Vietnam Institutional Link in Digital Innovation for Sustainable Maritime Logistics in    Vietnam
  Lead PI: Dr Trung Thanh Nguyen, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
  Lead PIs: Associate Professor Nguyen Ha Nam and Associate Professor Nguyen Viet Ha,                           University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University in Hanoi,                           Vietnam
  Associate partners
  Vietnam Maritime University, Vietnam – led by Mr. Tri Thanh Le, Dr. Huu Tuan Nguyen and 
  Dr. Xuan Duong Pham
  Vietnam Container Shipping Corporation (Viconship), Vietnam – led by Mr. Duc Long Nguyen      and Mr. Ngoc Hoan Nguyen
  Mersey Maritime, UK – led by Mr. Chris Shirling-Rooke
  AECOM, UK – led by Mr. Kevin Toye
  Project partners: British Council
                                University of Engineering and Technology, Vietnam National University,                                          Hanoi