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Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files which our website will transfer to your computer, mobile phone or other device to improve your use of the site (for example, so that you do not automatically need to re-enter your username and password in order to access areas of the site restricted to registered users). These cookies are not used to identify you personally, or to hold any personal data.

We use cookies to keep track of your username should you wish to login automatically, and in some circumstances to keep track of any personalised features associated with you.

We also use 'session cookies' to maintain your website use during a session. Session cookies are not stored on our server or on your computer, and are removed shortly after your browser session ends. If you disable or restrict session cookies, you may not be able to make full use of our website.

Cookies are also used to help monitor the use of the website, for example to measure how many people are using the site so it can be improved and there is enough capacity to ensure the site is functional.

For more information about cookies, including how to manage and reject them, see the All About Cookies website.

You can manage these small files and learn more about them from the article, Internet Browser cookies.

You can learn how to remove cookies set on your device.

Newton Fund Use of Cookies

First-Party Cookies

These cookies are used to remember your selections or preferences that you've already made when looking at information or using a service.

Name Typical Content Expires Sites
JSESSIONID Randomly Generated At end of session (when you close your browser)
MOBILEFORMAT 'True' or 'False' At end of session (when you close your browser)
ORIGINALURLTOKEN Randomly Generated Never
cfid Randomly Generated Never
cftoken Randomly Generated Never

Third-Party Cookies

Our website also uses Google Analytics. This installs cookies to help us accurately estimate the number of visitors to the website and volumes of usage. These cookies do not collect personal data about visitors to the Newton Fund website.

For further details on the use of cookies by Google Analytics, please refer to the Google Code website.