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Welcome to our blog – where researchers and innovators, leaders and those working on the ground share their personal stories and reflections on international development issues. 

03 September 2020
Innovation for development: three considerations to expand mindsets

Data Insights: To advance the field of development innovation, governments and development organisations need to re-examine the notion of innovation mindsets. This post proposes three ways to do more.

28 August 2020
Preventing a future pandemic by imitating natural selection

Data Insights: Understanding more about viruses will help us to predict, prevent and control more.

10 August 2020
Addressing research bias in agroecology

Data Insights: In a recent publication, Van der Meer and colleagues compared the countries that grew the most fruit with the countries that put out the most scientific studies on the impacts of fruit farming on biodiversity. What they found was truly eye more

17 July 2020
Scaling Out For Impact

Data Insights: The resilience, ingenuity and creative innovation of those living within South Africa is immense. Enterprises grown out of townships and rural communities have huge potential for addressing obstacles to sustainable development in these more

25 June 2020
Meet the researchers taking on COVID-19 in Indonesia

Like the rest of the world, Indonesian’s are battling the COVID-19 crisis. And like the rest of world, Indonesia's researchers are devoting their time and their expertise to support the national and global response to the pandemic. Newton Fund Programme Officer, Safiera Nadya highlights some of the great work Newton Fund researchers in Indonesia are doing to tackle more

11 February 2020
Telling the story of glacier change in Peru

For the International Day of Women and Girls in Science Jemma Wadham, Professor of Glaciology at the University of Bristol and Newton Fund awardee, explains what led her to work in this field and why storytelling in science matters.

19 October 2019
CityZen: Connecting cities to citizens for health and wellbeing

Cities are under increasing pressure to meet rising demand to provide high-quality services for their citizens, and to do so in the most cost-efficient way possible. The Newton funded CityZen project is engaging directly with older citizens and healthcare professionals in São more

08 October 2019
Helping the Filipino healthcare system respond to dengue epidemics

The Philippines recently declared a national epidemic after an outbreak of dengue in the country infected more than 200,000 people, causing hundreds of deaths. Dr Andrew Davidson, Reader in Systems Virology at the University of Bristol explains how a Newton funded international collaboration is helping to address this more

29 September 2019
Supporting excellent research in innovation through the Newton-Paulet Fund

Dr Fabiola León-Velarde, President of CONCYTEC explains how the partnership between the UK and Peru through the Newton-Paulet Fund is providing mutual learning opportunities and equipping policymakers with the tools they need to promote research and innovation for sustainable economic development and social more

23 September 2019
How do you do capacity development well?

Jon Harle, Director of Programmes at international development organisation, INASP offers six suggestions for how we can approach capacity development more equitably, and more more