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01 June 2020
Newton Prize 2020 Chair's Prize category announced

An additional prize category with funding of up to £500,000 has been confirmed for this year’s Newton Prize. The 'Chair’s Prize' will be awarded to one project from this year’s application pool of research partnerships between the UK and Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, South Africa and Turkey.

21 May 2020
COVID-19 Africa Rapid Grant Fund launched

A COVID-19 Africa Rapid Fund Grant has been launched for teams of researchers and science journalists and communicators from 17 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. It will address research questions and implement science engagement activities associated with the pandemic.

07 May 2020
Newton Fund & GCRF join up to address COVID-19

In response to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 crises, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has approved a joint Newton Fund and GCRF funding call delivered by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), which is now open (7 May 2020).

20 April 2020
International development research funders publish guidance to anticipate, mitigate and address harm in research

On behalf of major UK international development research funders, UKCDR publishes best practice guidance and principles to prevent and tackle harm and abuse across research for international development in general as well as in emergency situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

10 March 2020
Newton Prize 2020 call opens: celebrating the best research and innovation partnerships

The £1million Newton Prize 2020 call for applications is now open. This year the prize will be awarded for outstanding research and innovation partnerships between the UK and Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, South Africa, and Turkey respectively.  

13 February 2020
Newton Prize: Crop monitoring for global food security wins Chair's Prize

A new and practical way to monitor crop yield for global food security has won the Newton Prize 2019 Chair’s Prize, up to up to £459,000. The UK-China team behind the project received the award at the Newton Prize London event on Wednesday 12 February.

29 January 2020
Newton Prize: Clean water project is fertile ground for UK-Philippines team

The winner of the Newton Prize 2019 for the Philippines was announced in Manila on Tuesday 28 January. By converting wastewater into nutrient-rich fertiliser, the winning Newton funded project is leading the way on improving the health and prosperity of rapidly urbanising areas in the Philippines and Southeast Asia.   

14 January 2020
Protecting coastal communities from the impacts of climate change project wins Newton Prize 2019 for Indonesia

The second Newton Prize 2019 winner has been announced at an event in Jakarta, Indonesia. The UK-Indonesia project is helping protect coastal communities from coastal hazards such as flooding and tsunamis and improving Indonesia’s communications and warning procedures.

08 January 2020
Project to improve the lives of urban citizens and elderly people wins Newton Prize 2019 for China

The first Newton Prize 2019 winner was announced on Wednesday in Beijing, China. The winning project addresses the global challenge of urban development as cities expand and populations grow old.

07 November 2019
Travel advice for academics visiting Indonesia

The Indonesian government and parliament passed a new science and technology bill into law on July 16, 2019 with implications for academics visiting the country.